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It doesn’t matter how loud we shout if no one’s listening. It’s all about making people interested in our message. What do you want to say?

I am an experienced communications expert and project manager who knows her way around strategic processes. Who makes things happen – for real. Who believes that communication should create results and reach the right audience with the right message. Whether I carry out projects independently or together with my team, I always do it with joy and enthusiasm. Thus the name: Happyli.



Taking a project from start to finish. And beyond.

As a project manager, I help companies and organisations with their internal communication, external campaigns and coordination of activities and events. With smaller clients, my team and I can handle the entire communication process, from planning and execution to follow-up.

My strategic expertise, together with my natural feel for structure and desire to achieve results, ensure that my projects – from standalone campaigns to entire brand strategies – always succeed.

Hire me as a project manager

I have extensive experience in leading the strategic processes behind identifying target groups, defining communication goals, creating the right positioning and developing strong messages. A solid strategic process ensures that the communication truly supports your business goals. It also forms a base for strong creative ideas that attract the intended audience.

Let me and my team help you

Using my deep understanding of the creative process and my eye for aesthetic solutions, I put together and lead project teams that are appreciated by creatives, producers and clients alike. Once the team has understood the project’s objectives and been given a clearly defined working process, the creative juices can really flow – resulting in both relevant and innovative solutions.


Example projects

Throughout the years, I have worked with many kinds of projects for a wide range of clients, including the Stockholm County Council, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Inera, the Church of Sweden, the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research, Privattandläkarna (the Swedish association for private dental care providers) and Södertandläkarna AB.

Complex communication environments are something that many of my clients have in common. Often they need to get multiple, complicated messages through to a number of different audiences. This calls for a strong ability to understand contexts, deep strategic know-how and a well-structured work process.

Sweden's municipalities and county councils


Complicated information – explained quickly and correctly

It might seem obvious that everyone in Sweden should have equal access to medication. But until recently, this was not the case. SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) initiated the project OTiS with the aim of creating a cost effective medication administration on equal terms for the whole country. The goal was for all of Sweden’s 24 county councils to voluntarily join the new collaboration, which would allow them to make informed and quick decisions regarding new, more expensive medicines. Happyli was asked to provide the project with strategic and planning support for communication with the county councils. A video explaining the rather complicated process became a vital tool in this dialogue. Today, all 24 of the county councils are a part of the collaboration, and patients all over the country have access to valuable medicine without unnecessarily long waits.

Stockholm County Council


Paid advertising space with a serious message

Every year, 100 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Stockholm alone. 30 to 40 of these women do not survive. Stockholm County Council’s campaign “I love me” was aimed at young girls, with the important message that they should do something good for themselves by getting a free vaccination against cervical cancer. The campaign ran for two years and included internal information for health care providers and schools, letters to parents, several subway ad campaigns, a campaign site on 1177.se, social media campaigns, a vaccination tour of the county’s high schools and more. Happyli was responsible for the overall coordination of the whole campaign, as well as the subprojects. Girls who had seen the campaign were more inclined to get vaccinated than those who hadn’t seen it.



Building a brand from scratch

Repairing teeth and building brands. At Folkungagatan 49 in Stockholm, dentistry had been practised for 50 years when Akke Kumlien bought Södertandläkarna in 2008. The clinic wanted to profile itself as the best dental implant clinic on the south side of town. While Akke and his colleagues revised the clinic’s business focus, Happyli focused on how the new brand should be perceived by its target group. Södertandläkarnas vision “Strong, healthy teeth. For life” became the main communication concept. Since the beginning of the collaboration, Södertandläkarna has increased sales by almost 100 per cent and has grown from four to nine employees. They often surpass their goal of recruiting 40 new patients per month. Happyli has been the clinic’s communication department, handling everything from strategy and communication planning to the production of presentation material, ad campaigns, site development and event coordination.

About LI

Li Kumlien. Happyli.

I have over 25 years’ experience of communication – strategic as well as operative. After studying Communication Sciences and Swedish at Stockholm University, I have worked as a communications/information officer in healthcare, public relations and advertising.

Since 2006, I have been a freelance communications strategist and project manager in my own company, Happyli. Being independent gives me the opportunity to choose projects that feel meaningful and make a difference. That’s what motivates me.

I like teamwork – and I’m good at it. Especially when I get to work with dedicated, straightforward people who appreciate quality and dare to take responsibility.

But work isn’t everything. Health being one of my greatest interests, I focus on well-being through good food, exercise, yoga and surrounding myself with wonderful people and beautiful things. I am curious about my Caribbean origins, and enjoy hanging out with my granddaughter Lena. That is true mindfulness.

One of my most valuable traits is my heightened sensitivity – that is, the ability to perceive and process information on a deeper level than most people. I’ve found that this helps me foresee consequences and developments at an early stage.

Oh, and I’m also good at whipping up a quick, delicious meal out of a practically empty refrigerator – “making soup from a nail”, as we say in Sweden.


Whatever your project needs

As an independent consultant, I identify – often together with my client – the roles and skills necessary to each project. This means that each team is carefully put together according to the project’s specific requirements and ambitions. I work with a wide, cross-disciplinary network of communication specialists, some of whom share my office space at Happen.

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Do you want to make things happen – for real?

Let a project manager with a hands-on approach and strategic know-how help you out. I put together and lead project teams that are greatly appreciated by both creatives and clients. Get in touch! Tell me more about yourself and what you need – at no cost whatsoever – and we’ll see if there is something we can build on together.